Who We Are – The Newburgh Food Project

The Newburgh Food Project

Ward Ambassadors

The City of Newburgh is made up of 4 Wards, each with its own unique landscape, resources, and communities. To ensure that all of our City residents are represented, The Newburgh Food Project has enlisted community advocates in all 4 Wards and two youth ambassadors.

Ambassador Team:

  • Lead Ambassador, Gabrielle Hill
  • Ward 1 Ambassador, Carla Johnson
  • Ward 2 Ambassador, Genie Abrams
  • Ward 3 Ambassador, Deborah Danzy
  • Ward 4 Ambassador, Sandra Creary
  • Youth Ambassador, Schuyler Creary
  • Youth Ambassador, Heady Bonilla

NFP Task Force

The Newburgh Food Project is overseen by a 30+ member Task Force representing many organizations, government agencies, and community institutions at work in the City of Newburgh. The purpose of the Task Force is to understand better community members’ needs, the challenges in feeding people, and the necessary policies and programs to improve food access and the culture of food in the City of Newburgh.

Members Include:

  • Ilyana Campos, Common Ground Farmer’s Market
  • Laura Garcia-Balbuena, Newburgh Free Library
  • Anthony Grice, Newburgh City Council
  • Vonnie Hubbard, Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Christine Hutchinson, Our Core
  • Virginia Kasinki, Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative
  • Ed Lawson, Family, and Community Engagement Services
  • Reverend J. Edward Lewis, Calvary Baptist Church
  • Duane Martinez, Scenic Hudson
  • Michele McKeon, Newburgh RECAP
  • Anusha Mehar, Sanctuary Gardens at Crystal Lake
  • Likkia Moody, SUNY Orange
  • Danielle Moser, Orange County Department of Health
  • Wade Mullen, Food Not Bombs
  • Arlette Murrain, NUFFI Board Member
  • Stiles Najac, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County
  • Gita Nandan, Thread Collective
  • Yulia Ovchinnikova, Open Hub
  • Meg Oakes, Orange County Department of Health
  • Zach Pickens, Row 7 Seeds
  • Lucinda Poindexter, Chester Agricultural Center
  • Nancy Proyect, Newburgh Armory Unity Center
  • Pastor John T. Redman, Union Presbyterian Church
  • Lisa Rittweger, Newburgh ArmoryUnity Center Community Gardens
  • Maureen Stevens, Salvation Army
  • Amy Robillard, Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
  • Betty Bastidas, Sanctuary at Crystal Lake
  • Kori Rodgers, Newburgh Free Academy
  • Jhack Sepulveda, SUNY Orange FoodTEC
  • Monty Vacura, SUNY Orange

Project Manager:

  • Daniel Wohl

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