The Newburgh Food Project

The Newburgh Food Project is a community-based effort to elevate the voices of City of Newburgh Residents, Local Farmers and Growers, Food Processors, Restaurants and Food Retailers, and Civic Groups involved in food distribution.

This includes you! We want to know your experience is with food in the City of Newburgh. With your voice, we can begin the work of putting programs and policies in place so you can better feed your families and neighbors the healthy and local food they deserve.

To complete the survey: 

  1. Click on the link below or scan the QR Code
  2. Select your preferred language – English or Spanish
  3. Identify whether you are a Grower, Processor, Retailer, or belong to a Civic Group, or None of the Above
  4. Identify whether or not you live in the City of Newburgh
  5. Finally, answer the following questions to the best of your ability

*If you select ‘None of the Above’ and ‘No’ to living in the City of Newburgh, you will not have any questions to answer as this survey is only for stakeholders in the City of Newburgh’s food system and City residents.

Click Here: Take the Community Food Survey in English or Spanish

NFP Survey QR