The Newburgh Food Project

The Newburgh Food Project

What’s the Food Project?

The Newburgh Food Project is a collective of community members working together to cultivate a more nourishing and equitable food system for the City of Newburgh. By collaborating with our neighbors, we seek to identify the opportunities and resources needed to address the needs of those experiencing hunger and support our local growers at the same time.

The first step of The Newburgh Food Project is our Community Food Survey, where we are trying to find out things like;

  • How far do you have to travel to get food?
  • Would you like to eat more locally grown food?
  • What resources exist to get people free meals?
  • Do you want to grow your own food?

With this knowledge, we can begin the work of building resources in our community to grow more food, feed our neighbors and celebrate the City of Newburgh.

To contribute your voice click below to take the survey


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Newburgh Food Project Card

The Newburgh Food Project was thought up during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the many issues with our global and local food systems. And now, after the pandemic, we see newer issues around public benefits and supply chain issues. The Project was started with the belief that by talking and working with our neighbors, we can find ways to better feed our community. That, here in Newburgh, we can all grow together.

We seek to integrate and elevate the voices of people experiencing hunger and those working on their behalf in order to…

  • enable our neighbors to grow and access healthy local food
  • create economic opportunities for themselves
  • and enjoy the environmental and health benefits that gardens and urban farms provide.


The Newburgh Food Project

The Newburgh Food Project