Newburgh Farmers Market

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Many great Hudson Valley producers at the Safe Harbors Green every Saturday 10-2.  Vegetables-Fruit-meat-beer – and more!  DPUF will be there every other Saturday – July 27; Aug 10….

Tomato Pruning Workshop

Tomato Pruning Diagram

Learn Tomato Pruning basics — it’s not too late to prune your tomatoes for more tomato production.  Learn from DPUF grower Hannah Diaz

Workshop – Choosing the Right Food for Your Optimal Health


Introduction to Blood Type Diet: Choosing the Right Food for Your Optimal Health
The Blood Type Diet is a holistic way of eating that will help you lose excess weight, gain energy, regain balance in your overall health and prevent chronic diseases. It is not a crash diet that you follow for a short time, but a lifestyle choice that will transform your health in the long run.
In this workshop, you will learn how to choose the right types of food to match your own blood type, so that you can minimize systemic inflammation, which is a contributor to all kinds of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high “bad cholesterol” level, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and more. For those of you who are concerned with your hormonal balance, or are going through menopause, you’ll be delighted to know that the Blood Type Diet contains the key to addressing these issues, making your day-to-day life much easier.
It would be best if you could come to the workshop knowing your blood type already. If not, at-home blood type testing kits will be available for purchase at the workshop. More importantly, please come with an open mind! After the workshop, you will go away with the basic concept of how to choose the healthiest food for you and your family, how to avoid foods that you thought were healthy but are actually not conducive to your health, and in the process not only become healthier but also save money as you won’t be buying foods that aren’t healthy for you.
Louisa Wah is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a health chef who specializes in teaching people how to eat and live according to their bio-individuality–specifically, their blood types and genetic attributes. She has been cooking and developing recipes for different blood types since 2009 and is passionate about educating people about the merits of this way of eating. A few years ago, due to some serious health issues, she started looking for natural ways to heal her body. During the process, she found many wonderful tricks and secrets. Topping the list of the healing methods is the “Blood Type Diet.” Since following this diet, she has cured herself of a myriad of ailments, many of which had bothered her since childhood, including all kinds of digestive problems like acid reflux, stomach pain, bloatedness and frequent diarrhea, cold sores, severe seasonal allergies, headaches, PMS, excess mucus, frequent colds and flus. The overall result from cooking and eating according to her blood type is that she has not felt as energetic, youthful and healthy since she was a teenager, and she no longer struggles with weight fluctuations—a life-long issue. Her goal is to help people achieve what she has achieved—enjoying maximum health, vitality, and happiness—one bite at a time!

To Your Health!

Louisa, the “Eat Right Chef” &
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Workshop – Learn to Make an Herbal Healing Salve


Learn the basics of salve making with local herbalist, Sasha Geerken. You will learn to make your own all-purpose healing salve (wonderful for cuts, scrapes, bruises & bug bites), and can use this knowledge to create your own salve for specific purposes – such as eczema, sore muscle balm or a balm to help soothe tension and ease headaches.

You will go home with your own 4oz jar of healing salve, as well as 12 ounces of an herbal oil infusion of your choice, with herbs picked from Downing Park Urban Farm.


Bio of Sasha:

Since studying herbalism at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder CO, Sasha has recently moved to New York to become a birth & postpartum doula and training midwifery assistant. Although her herbal work is is primarily focused on womens health, her passion is in creating herbal medicine, and helping others to learn about the benefits of understanding our herbal allies.